Germany is a arsonist! | Against nazi march and »Unity Fest« (english call)

Germany is a arsonist! | Against nazi march and »Unity Fest«
October, 3rd 2018 – Berlin

On October 3rd, this years’ central celebration event for the anniversary of “German unification” is taking place in downtown Berlin. On this occasion, the German nation is going to celebrate itself in the presence of numerous prominent State officials, presenting a patriotic cultural program.
At the same time, a right-wing alliance called „We for Germany“ is calling for a neo-nazi march in proximity to the “Unity Fest”. Once again, the right-wingers are determined to present themselves as the authentic critics of the system. That’s why it is necessary to not only screw up their day, but also to make clear, that the nazis don’t have anything to offer aside from racism.

The real problems are: poverty, isolationist practices, racism and war.
German policy is lighting one verbal firebomb after another. It’s these words, that motivate offenders to carry out real arson attacks. The emergence of racist mobs, that chase down People of Color in the streets, as recently occurred in Chemnitz, can be seen as a direct result of right-wing agitation in politics and the media.

All of that doesn’t really fit into the self-enactment of the German state as supposedly cosmopolitan and purified by its’ past, a manner in which it wants to present itself at the “Unity Fest”. Germany is the world’s third biggest weapon exporter and it contributes to global poverty, war and therefore creates reasons for flight. Those who manage to find their way into the very “heart of Europe” against all odds, are confronted with tough asylum procedures and the perspective of being deported or beaten to death by neo-nazis. The rest of the refugees find death in the Mediterranean Sea – not less than 16 346 people died there since 2014.

There’s no reason to celebrate. Whether as a war profiteer in Turkey and Kurdistan, as an accomplice of the murderous isolationist policy of the European Union, or in being responsible for poverty and cuts in social services: Germany is a arsonist! Here and all over the world!

Against the neo-nazimarch
from 1pm – Central Station – Berlin Mitte | for more informations chek:

Antifascist open air concert
Yok (Pocketpunk)
Hiphop: Lena Stöhrfaktor, Konta, Doc Nest
from 5.30pm – Mauerpark – Prenzlauer Berg | Informations about the bands | Facebook-Event for the concert

Demonstration against the „Unity Fest“
7.30pm – Mauerpark – Prenzlauer Berg | Facebook-Event for the demo

Campaign »Germany is arsonist!«

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